Let Me Die – Acoustic Version

© 2003 moonmusic –
m: sasca simnovec | t: groppe

When we were working in the Studio 54 they had this wonderful old Steinway piano and it was stored in tiled room which was used as a reverb room in the former days. We really loved the slightly out-of-tune sound and the hard reverb of the room. Nice recording – even a little bit strange.

The Face – Live on Planet BO

© 2003 moonmusic –
m: christoph mause, sasca simnovec | t: groppe

Nobody really knows if this one is called “The faith” or “The face”. Even inside the band there was some confusion about the title. Nevermind – this one was recorded on Planet Bo.

Unheeded (Live On Planet BO)

© 2003 moonmusic – m: christoph mause, sasca simnovec | t: groppe

This version was recorded live during our Myrna Loy tour in 1994 in the Planet club in Bochum.