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m: christoph mause, sasca simnovec | t: groppe

We started working on the recordings for our third album shortly before our tour with German band Myrna Loy in 1994. Groppe was still singer of the band and the first version of 1994 was recorded with Groppe in Studio 54. He left the band some weeks before the tour started and we had to find a new singer or cancel the tour. Markus Giltjes, who produced Explain! recommended Udo Woitowizc who came from the same town as Markus. We invited Udo to Studio 54 and during the rehearsal we recorded this version of 1994 which we all really loved and the band had a new singer.

One Love

© 2003 moonmusic –
m: christoph mause | t: christoph mause

“One Love” was very much inspired by U2’s”Numb”. Christoph recorded it first with an old Roland drum machine and a small Casio keyboard. This version was recorded for our third (unreleased) album.

Unheeded (Live On Planet BO)

© 2003 moonmusic – m: christoph mause, sasca simnovec | t: groppe

This version was recorded live during our Myrna Loy tour in 1994 in the Planet club in Bochum.