© 1993 moonmusic
all songs by moon – except “sweet dreams” by lennox/stewart

produced by moon and markus giltjes

recorded at tjemara sewoe studios, netherlands
add. recordings at studio 54, mülheim
mixed at maison noir, paris

engineered and mixed by christoph mause
mastered by ulf horbelt at dms / gelsenkirchen

E3 orchestra conducted by sasca simnovec

groppe – vox
christoph mause – guitars
sasca simnovec – keyboards
dr. gicker – bass
ralph janzen – drums

additional drums by markus giljtes
female vox an “let me die” by marion küchenmeister
spanish guitar on “let me die” by jürgen jäger

“Explain!” was released in 1993 and was a very controversial album. After the release of the “Salinas” EP in 1992 we had a lot of fans in the dark and gothic scene and they compared us to bands like Joy Division and The Sisters Of Mercy (which we really thought was stupid). These people really hated “Explain!” because they thought that this album was a betrayal of the good old wave thing. OK. Might be. When we first recorded “Explain!” in the Tjemara Sewoe Studios in the Netherlands the songs sounded a lot like the “Salinas” EP. Back in Germany we went to Studio 54 and asked Markus Giltjes from Pink Turns Blue to work with us on the final mix. Markus listened to the recordings and told us that he thought that the recordings were in need of some work. So we worked four more weeks on the album and at the end we had re-recorded every single song before we went to Paris to the Maison Noir for the final mix. That was that.

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